The Stat Connection

Today’s WordPress The Daily Post topic is: The Stat Connection, where I’ve to pick my top 5 blog post and explain why they have been successful!!

QUALITIES OF PEOPLE BORN DURING FEBRUARY: This is my top performing blog.. Being born during the month of February, thought of posting some of my traits.. Never expected this four year old blog could strike chord with everyone born during February…

Also it is a surprise to see a lot of Feb born people commenting their acceptance of the trait :)… Another reason for the success of the post is the Keyword of the title which is a common search term… Getting around 30+ Google clicks for the post everyday…

IS DEMOCRACY GOOD FOR INDIA?: This blog was written out of frustration after 26/11 Mumbai attacks… I was wondering how a city-country like Singapore which is ruled by a single person can be soo safe..

The blog is seven years old and again the title is a common search term and all the click comes from Google…

M.KARUNANIDHI FAMILY TREE: Six years back uploaded a picture of Karunanidhi’s family tree. For those who are not familiar with Karunanidhi. He is ex-chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. He has officially 3 wife’s, half a dozen children and a dozen grandchildren..

He is mostly ridiculed because, have more than 3 wife is not a common practice in our times in our society. Also most of his family members dominate the state in politics, movies and business. This is the most admired and hated family in the state…

So, there is no doubt why people search for his famil tree and again Google gives all the clicks…

WHICH IS A BETTER CAREER CHOICE? COW FARM OR PROGRAMMER: This blog was recently posted and it is the mostly shared feed in my FaceBook… I see most of the people could make immediate connect with this reality 🙂

IRIDIAM MOVIE EXPERIENCE – RETROSPECTION: This is all a new blog post where I shared my experience of co-producing a tamil feature film. I’ve shared both the good and bad experience along with the reasons for movie’s failure!! Anything related to movie gives good strike rate because we are a movie crazy society!!


Qualities of People born during February

  1. They love their family a lot. They will sacrifice anything for their family :)…
  2. They are very much imaginative… They always thinking about something. But they cant exhibit everything in real life..
  3. They are so creative..
  4. They want to try new things. They can easily pick up things. whatever they do they want to be little different from others..
  5. They should have some specific talent.. They can be scientist, Doctor, Artist and very gud Director..
  6. They are very much friendly..
  7. They act according to their mood..
  8. They are so emotional.. No one can easily understand them.. Even their close one should not know all about them..
  9. They seems to be take it easy character… But in real they are sensitive. They can easily tackle big problems..,but some times they feel so bad for silly matters..
  10. They can’t take stable decision. they have lot of confusion..
  11. They will get suggestion from others but the final decision must be made by them..
  12. They want to help others.. They have Lot of helping tendency..
  13. Good people always love them… but bad people should not have friendship with them..
  14. They expect their close one should always care them..
  15. Very much possessive..
  16. They can be gud son/daughter to their parents…, Gud bro/sis to their siblings gud wife/husband to their partner.., but cant be gud lover.., because they expect perfection in their love.. First love will not be successful for them..
  17. They like the persons according to their mood.. Sometimes they hate the person whom they like the most..
  18. They are very much knowledgeable.. They imagine things beyond the world..
  19. Hard working persons.. Straight forward..
  20. Some times they behave so silly.