Iridiam Movie Experience – Retrospection

The entire idea of producing a movie was a long term dream of my close buddy Saravanan. Every time he came with the idea I ridiculed him.

But his perseverance paid and full marks for making his dream come true.

When he started there was hardly any money with him. He was able to get some initial funding which was sufficient for run the show for 3-4 months from a friend. He opened an office and start the discussion with that initial seed money.

Once he had the office and a script on hand he stated getting resources falling in place.

First was our Hero cum investor. Then every friends started contributing at every stage. Infact my contribution came during the post production part.

For a movie which started with a budget of 80 lakhs(8 million INR) got completed on a budget of 1.5 crore(15 million INR).

It all happened because of contribution from 13 individuals who all invested either for passion, interest on movies, business interest and personal relationship.

This experience thought me a lot of lessons;

  • Always keep asking for help be it investment or resources. Mostly it comes from unexpected sources than from expected ones.
  • If you start with dedication & perceivarance, resources will follow.
  • Lead and keep the investors on control. All 13 investors had 13 different interest and view point. If not for Saravanan’s adamant approach things would’ve fallen apart.

Finally I saw a what a person with dream and dedication can achieve without any money or resources.

He never gave up for rediculing, criticism, demotivation and threat. He has become a case study for producing a movie and releasing it. 

Though the movie bommed at the box office. I tame pride in being associated with the Movie Indistry and there is lots of take always!!!

I must thank Saravanan for pushing me to be a part of the movie. Sadly he is again critised for the failure of the movie.

All I can tell you is you have Made it Buddy!!! I’m proud of you and I’m with you!!!


4 thoughts on “Iridiam Movie Experience – Retrospection

  1. Working in tamil film industry itself a diff job and Taking a movie isnt a diffcult jobs these days despite with a fresh producer director actors etc. The real partical challenge is to release the movie on time. I should say this mr.saravanan the producer and as a distributor he have taken all the efforts to release the movie on specified date and time, the movie would be stalled without a release. I appreciate his effort and hardwork need to be mentioned. Last but not the least the team work as co producers , directors , actors a great effort. Expecting more from the same team and I feel they shd make a movie soon. All the best

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