Quirk of Habit

Quirky Habit that annoys me the most:

I’ve this habit of not attending my phone calls. I always wanted to change this habit, but there were many situations I avoided a call, like;

  • I’d have already spoken a lot for the day and I wanted some break from taking anymore for the day…
  • Already my mind is fatigued because of work…
  • When it was a bad day where nothing happened at work…
  • When I was in a bad mood because of arguments with mother and wife…
  • While on work or meetings…
  • For unwanted marketing calls… That’s the reason I don’t pick calls from unknown numbers!!!

Quirky Habit I love the most:

I love the trait of being crazy… I call myself a Psycho Crazy Guy as I love the thrill of failing… The crazy things I did were;

  • Published a bi-monthly tamil magazine for two years… The venture carried the risk for life as it was into investigative journalism.
  • Co-produced a tamil feature film and the movie bombed..
  • I invested till the last dime and lived the remaking days of the month with no money and survived…
  • Started walking to office which is 16 KM from home. This I did sometime during 2012…
  • Invested on real estate and made money… Kept reinvesting until I lost badly…

These are the Quirk of Habit of me and I don’t have any regrets for the annoying trait.. But I long for more crazy acts to be done in my life time…


Sunday with a meaning

As usual I crashed to sleep by 6 AM Sunday morning. Then it was non-stop sleep till 1 PM only to crash again to wake up by 4 PM. Then I had an oil massage done by my sister.

Then I had to work on the documentation for the launch of our magazine People Justice. My friend who is the editor of the magazine came home by 4.30 PM. We finished all the documentation work by 6 o clock and next thing is to take a printout.

After a cool shower we proceeded in search of a Cyber Café to take printouts. Being a Sunday most of the shops were closed and we found one which was 2 KM away from my house. To my surprise it was my friend’s café and it was a nice opportunity to get back to him.

By 7.30 PM we finished all out work and we proceeded to have a look at my friend’s property which was near to the place. Then by 8.15 PM we proceeded to Chennai Citi Center as I had some shopping & scheduled a business meeting.

En route I got a call from my friend telling the meeting was called off. But I asked him make it to the mall so that we can catch for dinner and for a movie. After reaching the mall by 9 o clock we immediately proceeded to Inox counter to book ticket.

Then I went to Lifestyle to buy a numeric lock and immediately we moved to food court. I was little lavish on my diet and then we moved to watch the movie.

Then we had to bid adieu to Rooban and I drove back with my editor friend and we had a small discussion about our marriage and drove till Sriperambubur and then reached back home by 3 AM.

Over all I was contented that I was able to do something productive still didn’t spoil my shopping plan and Sunday enjoyment.

People Justice will be back

Six years i founded a Tamil & English fortnightly magazine called People Justice. Starting of the magazine was purely for passion, self-contintion & fulfill social responsibility. First issue was launched on 14th March, 2004 on Tamil New Years Day. We ran the magazine with great difficulty for 14 months and the last magazine published was on 1st June, 2005.

Today we took all the archives and it is unbelievable that its been 5 years since we stopped. Every moment lives in front of my eyes. Difficulties to bring the issue every 2 weeks;

  • Challenge to collect news
  • Challenge the raise money to publish
  • Editorial work

But we all worked like a unit. After a long Gap i had a discussion with my friend and thought we should have re-launched the magazine again. We obliged all compliance and also obtained the Registrar of Newspapers of India.

Now we have couple of tasks to make things straight and start the issue. As a centiment we are planning to launch it on 14th April 2010 which is Tamil New Year day and also our 6th anniversary.

Wish us luck for our second innings.