Quirk of Habit

Quirky Habit that annoys me the most:

I’ve this habit of not attending my phone calls. I always wanted to change this habit, but there were many situations I avoided a call, like;

  • I’d have already spoken a lot for the day and I wanted some break from taking anymore for the day…
  • Already my mind is fatigued because of work…
  • When it was a bad day where nothing happened at work…
  • When I was in a bad mood because of arguments with mother and wife…
  • While on work or meetings…
  • For unwanted marketing calls… That’s the reason I don’t pick calls from unknown numbers!!!

Quirky Habit I love the most:

I love the trait of being crazy… I call myself a Psycho Crazy Guy as I love the thrill of failing… The crazy things I did were;

  • Published a bi-monthly tamil magazine for two years… The venture carried the risk for life as it was into investigative journalism.
  • Co-produced a tamil feature film and the movie bombed..
  • I invested till the last dime and lived the remaking days of the month with no money and survived…
  • Started walking to office which is 16 KM from home. This I did sometime during 2012…
  • Invested on real estate and made money… Kept reinvesting until I lost badly…

These are the Quirk of Habit of me and I don’t have any regrets for the annoying trait.. But I long for more crazy acts to be done in my life time…

3 Comments on “Quirk of Habit

  1. U wouldn’t expect me replying to this rit?
    Why blood same blood here too on “Quirky Habit that annoys me the most”. .

    Nan ninauchan nee ezudhita…

  2. It really needs a brave heart to admit or expose one’s weaknesses in public. Your lifestyle reminds me of the proverb – Fortune favours the bold. (though not always!!)

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