A life without computer: What does it look like??

Lived the first eighteen years of my life without access to technology. There were no internet or mobiles then, even a computer was considered a toy for wealthy.

Then slowly internet came and it quickly took over me. Also I built a career backed by Internet & Mobile.

Then at one point in life I was running through a rough patch. Then I started blogging just to keep me engaged. Over a point blogging became an habit and slowly if became an addiction.

Today I can’t even think of a life without Mobile, Internet & Blog!!!

I’ve tried many instances to stay away from gadgets and technology for one day in a month. Slowly within hours it made me restless and I give up!!

I know it is not a healthy thing and one of my 2016 goal is to practice staying away from Computers / Technology at least once a week.

I’ve planned to convert my small land measuring little more than an acre into a farmhouse and consider engaging myself into farm activities every Sunday.Will jump into execution as soon as my wife joins me.

Life After Blogs: I’m seriously considering to buy a big farm and venture into organic farming!!!


Time to change my phone

The panel of my BlackBerry 8250 curve has been damaged & finally I made it to the service station in GN Chetty road… Considering the situation it is better to buy a new phone;

  • Chennai’s service center supports only app related issues…
  • Any physical services will happen in Bangalore…
  • Cost of servicing is Rs.3750/- & cost of a new phone is Rs.8000/-…
  • It will take 7 – 10 business days to get the phone…
  • All data will be lost & i’ve to take a backup of all files…

Here is the peep into the condition of my phone…

My Phone Etiquette

There is something my friends, relatives, colleagues complain often is about me picking my calls… Even my mom blasted me a week back asking me why the heck I’ve a mobile… But I’m unperturbed or feel sorry as I’ve always disliked using a mobile… I use it out of compulsion thatz it… So here is my own reason for being a poor user of a mobile or for lacking basic Phone Etiquette…

  • First of all I speak with my core team members for at-least 5 – 6 hours a day…
  • Then talking to some good friends or attending a call from a old buddy will last another hour…
  • Then an hour on sending, reading & answering   messages…

Over all i spend one third of the day phone… I never pick calls when;

  • I’m at work..
  • I’m in a meeting…
  • I’m Driving…
  • I’m Sleeping…
  • I’m Reading Tech Blogs…
  • I’m Blogging…

So remaining time I spend on either of the above things… So, I’ve my own justification for my behavior and I don’t intent to feel apologizing as I feel my reasons are genuine… So, never try to convey or reach me over phone next time as I don’t encourage it… Kindly Text me and I’ll get back at a suitable time….

Life has changed with a BlackBerry

For long i wanted to change my mobile as my old low cost handset was having problem with its speaker. Also as a part of my new year resolution wanted to buy new handhelds and hack it. Other thing is i want to be a early bird for Web 3.0.

So as a apple freak i was almost about to go and buy an iPhone. But one of my friend confused me and didn’t allow me to buy an iPhone. He insisted me to go for a BlackBerry. He evangelized BlackBerry and still my passion for apple products made me blind and deaf.

Then for my birthday i got a combined gift from Balaji, Mom & Sister and it was nothing other than a BlackBerry curve. In two days i activated the email & IM options and within a day i fell for the product.

I’m using a BlackBerry for a week now and i can say there is a huge increase in my productivity. I don’t feel bored while waiting and I’m able to keep myself occupied.

For entrepreneurs i strongly recommend BlackBerry than any other business phones.

Police got me wrong

I’ve a habit of singing while driving my car. Today while i was singing and driving near Panangal Park a cop cornered me and said i was speaking with my mobile and when i said i contradicted he said i dropped my phone.

When he asked where was my mobile i took it from my pocket to his surprise. He must have thought he has got a priced catch. He asked if i’ve another mobile. I was at my cool because i did do anything that was against law.

Then out of agony he let me go. But soon another cop who watched this from a distance didn’t want me leave. Again he cornered me and he took my mobile and checked for call history. He even entered my car and checked if i used any other cell phone.

By that time there was another senior cop who received with best hospitality and asked if the cop who caught me was nut. Unable to say he was right i said i can prove i was not guilty.

Then the senior cop asked if there was anything wrong and the other cop said there is nothing to catch me.

All of a sudden the brightness in the face of cops faded and they let me go. Immediately they caught a guy driving without helmet in two wheeler and immediately started showing their piece of mind.

Now i can say the guy who caught me should be a nut. He argued that he saw a cell phone in my hand. I don’t know how exactly things happened. Finally i brought down the delight of all the cops and left the place HAPPY!!!

Google Launches Super Phone Nexus One

Salient features & information about Google Nexus One – Web Meets Phone. 

  • Handset is manufactured by HTC.
  • Software used is Google’s Android 2.1.
  • Can be purchased from http://www.google.com/phone.
  • Phone is prices at $179.
  • Device has 3.7-inch OLED 800 x 480 display.
  • Processor is 1 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.
  • Device is 11.5 mm thick, and weighs just 130 grams
  • Device has 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and can take MPEG 4 videos.
  • Google applications such as Gmail, Google Voice and Google Maps Navigation are inbuilt.
  • Device has a career-independent model & also a model tied up with T-Mobile.
  • Already 5188 article based on Nexus One.

Guidelines for Mobile Number Portability by August end

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to finalize guidelines for MNP by August end. This is what TRAI member has to say…

“We will have an open-house on the porting charges on August 11. Within 2-3 weeks from then we will issue the final guidelines on MNP. The clearing house and operators should be ready with their network so that after announcement of the guidelines the service could be implemented,” Trai member R N Prabhakar said on the sidelines of a conference in New Delhi.

Warning about the implications of these products!!!

I got an email from my friend and not sure about the authenticity of these facts. But I wanted to share them under the assumption if they are true.


Mobile: Don’t put your mobile closer to your ears until the recipient answers, Because directly after dialing, the mobile phone would use it’s maximum signaling power, which is: 2watts = 33dbi. Please Be Careful. Please use left ear while using cell (mobile), because if you use the right one it may affect brain directly. This is a true fact from Apollo medical team.


Appy FIZZ: Do not drink APPY FIZZ. It contains cancer causing agent.


Mentos: Don’t eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi coz the person will die immediately as the mixture becomes cyanide.


Kurkure: Don’t eat kurkure because it contains high amount of plastic if U don’t Believe burn kurkure n u can see plastic melting.


Tablets: Avoid these tablets as they are very dangerous


  • D cold
  • Vicks action- 500
  • Actified
  • Coldarin
  • Co some
  • Nice
  • Nimulid
  • Cetrizet-D


They contain Phenyl- Propanol -Amide PPA. Which Causes strokes, and these tablets are banned in U.S.


Cotton Ear Buds: Please do not show sympathy to people selling buds on roadside or at Signals(In India). Just wanted to warn you people not to buy those packs of ear buds you get at the roadside. It’s made from cotton that has already been used in hospitals. They take all the dirt, blood and pus filled cotton, wash it, bleach it and use it to make ear buds. So, unless you want to become the first person in the world to get Herpes Zoster Oticus (a viral infection of the inner, middle, and external ear) of the ear and that too from a cotton bud, DON’T BUY THEM!.

Hexolabs is looking for Interns

Hexolabs! Our Campus Wire Internship Program aims to broaden the student’s perspective by providing an exposure to real life organizational and environmental situations. It is the most effective aid in enabling students to relate theory to practice. We encourage students from the following streams; however, this program is open to anyone who proves to be exceptionally talented.

  • Interaction Design/ HCI
  • Industrial Design
  • Design Management
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing, HR, Management

Being an intern designer at Hexolabs means you need to:

  • Be passionate about your work with clear ideas about your specific field of knowledge.
  • Be a dedicated and smart team-player who enjoys working collaboratively with people of diverse mindsets – We believe that this miscellany of thoughts and approaches leads to breakthrough ideas and innovative outcomes.
  • Be stimulated by challenges and ambiguity – An ideal designer at Hexolabs is a person who loves the challenge of a problem with an unknown answer. You should have the ability to take an embryonic/ amorphous idea, develop it, and create a working solution or prototype.

Company welcomes outstanding design, technology and engineering research talents. If you are confident and feel yourself up to the challenge, please mail your resume and portfolio to internship@hexolabs.com