A life without computer: What does it look like??

Lived the first eighteen years of my life without access to technology. There were no internet or mobiles then, even a computer was considered a toy for wealthy.

Then slowly internet came and it quickly took over me. Also I built a career backed by Internet & Mobile.

Then at one point in life I was running through a rough patch. Then I started blogging just to keep me engaged. Over a point blogging became an habit and slowly if became an addiction.

Today I can’t even think of a life without Mobile, Internet & Blog!!!

I’ve tried many instances to stay away from gadgets and technology for one day in a month. Slowly within hours it made me restless and I give up!!

I know it is not a healthy thing and one of my 2016 goal is to practice staying away from Computers / Technology at least once a week.

I’ve planned to convert my small land measuring little more than an acre into a farmhouse and consider engaging myself into farm activities every Sunday.Will jump into execution as soon as my wife joins me.

Life After Blogs: I’m seriously considering to buy a big farm and venture into organic farming!!!


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