Police got me wrong

I’ve a habit of singing while driving my car. Today while i was singing and driving near Panangal Park a cop cornered me and said i was speaking with my mobile and when i said i contradicted he said i dropped my phone.

When he asked where was my mobile i took it from my pocket to his surprise. He must have thought he has got a priced catch. He asked if i’ve another mobile. I was at my cool because i did do anything that was against law.

Then out of agony he let me go. But soon another cop who watched this from a distance didn’t want me leave. Again he cornered me and he took my mobile and checked for call history. He even entered my car and checked if i used any other cell phone.

By that time there was another senior cop who received with best hospitality and asked if the cop who caught me was nut. Unable to say he was right i said i can prove i was not guilty.

Then the senior cop asked if there was anything wrong and the other cop said there is nothing to catch me.

All of a sudden the brightness in the face of cops faded and they let me go. Immediately they caught a guy driving without helmet in two wheeler and immediately started showing their piece of mind.

Now i can say the guy who caught me should be a nut. He argued that he saw a cell phone in my hand. I don’t know how exactly things happened. Finally i brought down the delight of all the cops and left the place HAPPY!!!


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