Topsy Turvy Saturday

We have decided to party last Saturday and all arrangements were planned ahead. The original plan was to head to 10 Downing Street in North Boag road as we wanted to goto a different place. My friends promised to come with two of his girl friends to take us in. 

But things started too disastrous as usual. My friends got help up in a party in ECR and I got engaged in business meetings. The girls asked us to pick then before 9 o clock which were unable to do it. 

Now all confusions started & some how we achieved what we wanted. Here is a synopsis of the night; 

  • I & my friends reached the place by 11 o clock.
  • We were not allowed inside as we were stags.
  • Kudos to our celebrity friend with whose help we were let it. But it was 11.40 PM.
  • The floor was closed by 12 o clock and we literally did nothing.
  • We didn’t want to spoil the day and we headed to Pasha. Again with the help of celebrity friend.
  • This was the first time I enjoyed danced with unknown babes. That too because of my celebrity friend. Girls approached him to dance with them and since we were his friends we got along well.
  • Then this time Udayanidhi Stalin didn’t make it to the night and the place was closed by 2 o clock in the morning.
  • We were litrally asked to leave the parking lot because it was the day of Babri Masjid demolition.
  • Still we were not fully happy and we planned to head to Checkers.
  • Checkers was a pacca local crowd. But I enjoyed a lot here as this was something new and interesting.
  • Then we were there doing some Bottom Fishing till 5 AM.
  • Then we were too tired and I reached home only by 5.30 in the morning. 

So we started with 10 Downing then hopped to Pasha & finally hopped to checkers. At the end of the day I was happy and an electrifying evening.


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