Economy of Tamil Nadu

Retail, Services, Manufacturing, Banking, Automobile, Transportation, Medicine, Construction

Cities that contribute for the economy of Tamil Nadu & India. It is this diverse business specialization that keeps TN better performing state in spite of political paralysis!!

Chennai: Automobile Manufacturing, IT and Commerce.

Tirupur: Clothing.

Erode & Karur: Bedding.

Kovilpatti & Sivakasi: Stationary and Firecrackers.

Kumbakonam: Artefacts and historical cultural works.

Namakkal: Poultry Sectors and Vehicle bodyworks.

Arcot & Vellore: Precasting Industries.

Sriperumbudur: Large scale manufacturing zones.

Tuticorin: Seafood exports zone.

Hosur: Vehicle & Mixed Manufacturing.

Trichy: Industrial and Energy supporting units.

Madurai: Mixed markets.

Salem: Spare Parts.

Coimbatore: Motors Manufacturing

Tanjavur, Theni & Kanyakumari: Cash crops farming.

Viruthunagar, Neyveli & Panruti: Traditional food and snacks in MSe’s scale.


Planning to set a Stationary Shop

For sometime I’m looking at options and opportunities in setting up some shop either directly or a franchisee… Looking at options where investment is less and less risk… This is more to engage my dad post retirement…

Also I’m fond of entrepreneurship, trying and learning new things.

Yesterday my friend was telling me about setting up a Stationary Shop ti engage his dad or dad-in-law… He chose a Stationary Shop because he has his cousin who is already into the business for some time and knows the nuances of the trade. His cousin has also volunteered in helping in shop choice, setting the shop, introducing to dealers & vendors, guiding in customer spotting and creation…

Mostly by this week we might start with Business Plan and understand the risks and opportunities… As we did an oral planning it was low investment and low return business… But I’m thrilled as I’m entering into trade and retail…

Am very eager to prepare the business plan… Also friends if you have any subject experience or any ideas or thought please share it….