Starting the day at Starbucks

Starting he day at Starbucks!!! This will be my virtual office for the day!!

Coffee Menus from Malaysia

Was able to taste 6 different types of coffee & tea that I haven’t tasted in India.:. These are some menus which will be a part if my coffee Shop Menu!!

  • Coffee Slush
  • Tea Slush
  • Iced Tea
  • Rainbow Soda
  • Coffee & Tea (Old House White Coffee – Cham)
  • Coffee Vienna

Coffee & Tea is my favourite beverage from Oldtown White Coffee & the name of the beverage is CHAM..

Same CHAM served HOT…

CHAM product displayed on the menu… Loved to get a product the way it was displayed in the menu…

Oldtown White Coffee Menu!!!

Iced-Tea!!! One of my favourite & it’s our normal tea served cold!!!

A cappuccino take away from Oldtown White Coffee…