Reality Behind Fresher to Employability GAPS

We hire a lot of fresher at Cogzidel Groups and we put a lot of efforts on Training them… These days we work more on their Personality, Soft-Skills and Inter-Personal Skills than on their core competency…

The reason for this is the education system in the country and the attitude behind institute owners… Colleges are more business oriented than working on student skills… Institutions are reluctant on hiring skilled teachers and investing on proper infrastructure…

Last month when we went for a campus drive… Correspondent of the college asked for feedback on their student skills… We said they were very low on confidence because of the limitations on communication, soft skills etc…

Correspondent immediately asked for ways to improve things and we immediately gave our recommendation… Particularly we asked them to tie-up with a finishing school…

He immediately asked if that will cost him? When we said it will… He said what they are offering in college is more than enough… This experience showed opened an ugly truth and we decided it is waste of time to work with colleges…

After that incident we have stared to tweak our training process… These days we work on the gaps and we do more of finishing school training initially and then move to training on core competency…











Management Consultant & Corporate Trainer

Certified NLP Trainer from NFNLP,U.S.A.




NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) offers rapid & practical methods for personal growth and influence. It is the study of how people think, process information & behave.


NLP is used extensively in business, sports, sales, education, therapy & many other fields.




This course is essential for anyone serious about fulfilling their potential. Businessmen, Doctors, Therapists, Trainers, Teachers, Consultants, HR executives, Managers, Lawyers, Salespeople & other Professionals will find it rewarding..




  • How to access personal strengths & resources.
  • How to solve problems at the subconscious level.
  • How to see & hear expertly.
  • How to improve personal & professional relationships.
  • How to make rapid & lasting changes.
  • How to change internal states.
  • How to do quick impact therapy.
  • How to change personal history.
  • How to reframe your life.
  • All types of anchoring techniques.
  • Re- parenting your inner child.
  • Fast phobia cure – stop phobia in minutes.
  • Modeling & reproducing excellence




A Reference manual for use during the training which will give you a tool you can refer anytime. The manual provides techniques in a step by step manner.




Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be certified through the National Federation of Neurolinguistic psychology, U.S.A.




Special Offer    Rs.9500/- per person ( includes tuition, course materials, lunch, refreshments & certification from NFNLP, U.S.A.)


Note: Cheque should be drawn in favour of  LIFE ACADEMY




DATE       :  30th & 31st May,

                   6th & 7th June 2009 (4 days)


TIME        :   9.00 am to 7.00 pm


VENUE   :   CCMC Hall (A/c)

21, First main road,

Indira nagar, Adyar,

Chennai – 600020


As the seats are limited, you are requested to confirm your participation in case you would like to attend this course.





Mobile: 98412 92715


(Please refer you are from Chennai Entrepreneur group)

Marketing for Entrepreneurs workshop at IIMB

We often complain of weak marketing in our organizations. The problem in fact is not so much with the organization but the approach we adopt to marketing. We do not ask ourselves questions like “In what way is my product/service different from that of my competitor? How can I make it different? How can I make my communication unique so that I stand out? ” and so on. In short the problem is the lack of innovation in marketing.


Consider the following questions.


  • What is the most innovative application of blue tooth or laser technology?
  • What are the ten most innovative products/services (IT or otherwise) in today’s market and what can we learn from them?
  • Why is it that some start-ups become Google-like but others fall by the way side?
  • How is it that some companies are able to charge a premium for their products and services while others are not?


Given our schedules we hardly get time to reflect on such issues that impact our business. Keeping these typical concerns in mind a 2-day program exclusively devoted to marketing has been planned for entrepreneurs. A broad overview of the content is given below.


Program content

  • How to market innovatively? How to create radically different products or services? How to position them in the minds of customers distinctly?
  • Is there a systematic method for the application of innovation to marketing? What are the steps involved and how to learn the method?
  • How do I reach my customers? Is communicating with customers different in IT as compared to say, consumer products?
  • Can I be given a dry run or demonstration of how to make an innovative communication plan for reaching customers?


These are some of the questions to be addressed in the program. If the participants have other specific issues they can be discussed. Overall the idea of the program is to help entrepreneurs think innovatively to address their marketing problems.


Pedagogy: Lectures, exercises, case studies, group discussions and role-plays


Course Fee: Rs. 6,000/- per participant if registered on or before 10th May

                      Rs. 7,000/- per participant if registered after 10th May


The brochure and application form can be downloaded here.


For more details contact;


Girish Kumar M

NSRCEL, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 076

Tel: +91- 80- 2699 3701

Fax: +91-80- 2699 3769 / 2658 4050