MadrasaPattinam Review

Watched MadrasaPattinam along with my friends and with my fiancee. As usual we were late by 15 minutes but better than my friends who came late by 30 minutes and 45 minutes. This if what we taught about the movie;

  • First half was humorous & enjoyable….
  • Too long first half even though we were late by 15 min.
  • Second Half was dragged a lot & becomes boring.
  • Got a nice experience to see Chennai during the 40’s.
  • Come to know form Director Nandhini’s FaceBook post that the background were Computer Graphics and not settings.
  • Heroine Amy Jackson needs a mention for her acting and for her gorgeous looks.
  • Arya’s performance was good. But he still deserves better role for his talent.
  • Kudos to Director Vijay and team for such a wonderful try and for showing Kollywood is also capable & competent of taking movies of the past.
  • Movie borrows a lot of scenes from Lagaan, Titanic & Apacalypto.

Vetaikaran Sucks

I don’t know what is happening to Vijay these days. His latest release Vetaikaran Sucks big time. I use to get surprised how someone without any personality of ability to act in his early days can make it this big (Kudos to his parents). 

I can say there was nothing right with Vetaikaran. There is a big list to say sucking things; 

  • The movie looks like Telegu movies of the 90’s.
  • Heroin is added just for the heck of it.
  • Scenes are too dramatic.
  • No continuity.
  • Villians getup looks funny and they end up being comedians.
  • Vijay using alcohol and lighter to kill a Villan peaks the comedy.
  • Heroism beyond acceptance.
  • Costumes & Hero’s getup takes back to late 80’s Ramarajan times.
  • Comedy scenes end up as pain in the neck. Hero & serious scenes fills the Gap left by comedians. 

We can add more to the list but I don’t want to take that much pain to recollect the entire movie and put myself in to a bad position. 

In spite of all these minuses there is couple of positives like;

  • Anuksha Shetty.
  • Vijay Antony’s music.