Vetaikaran Sucks

I don’t know what is happening to Vijay these days. His latest release Vetaikaran Sucks big time. I use to get surprised how someone without any personality of ability to act in his early days can make it this big (Kudos to his parents). 

I can say there was nothing right with Vetaikaran. There is a big list to say sucking things; 

  • The movie looks like Telegu movies of the 90’s.
  • Heroin is added just for the heck of it.
  • Scenes are too dramatic.
  • No continuity.
  • Villians getup looks funny and they end up being comedians.
  • Vijay using alcohol and lighter to kill a Villan peaks the comedy.
  • Heroism beyond acceptance.
  • Costumes & Hero’s getup takes back to late 80’s Ramarajan times.
  • Comedy scenes end up as pain in the neck. Hero & serious scenes fills the Gap left by comedians. 

We can add more to the list but I don’t want to take that much pain to recollect the entire movie and put myself in to a bad position. 

In spite of all these minuses there is couple of positives like;

  • Anuksha Shetty.
  • Vijay Antony’s music.

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