Why I like Shinjuku Incident & hate The Strangers

I’m a movie buff and I see at least 3-4 movies a week but I never blog its reviews. In my Bangalore trip I watched two movies where in one movie really inspired me and the other one made me think I wasted my money. Which prompted me to make this post.


Why I like Shinjuku Incident


I was really inspired watching Shinjuku Incident.


Firstly I liked Jackie Chan portraying a role which is away from his image. The movie doesn’t have any heroics of Jackie and this role has really fit well for his age and he has done justice to the role where we can see maturity and experience. He has really shown class.


Secondly movie showcases how life changes and thinks that changes character of humans. In one scene Xu Jinglei says how things transform in human;


  • She will explain how human run for basic need which is food by telling her poverty ridden childhood.
  • Then how desire strikes a person where she gets a neighbor who has new cloths and gadgets which create a desire in earn those things / lifestyle.
  • Then how desire changes to desperation to earn the desire.
  • How man falls for power after gaining his desperation.
  • Finally how power creates ego and makes him cruel.


Over all I like over all aspects of the movie like Screenplay, Storyline & Jackie’s mature acting.


Why I hate The Strangers


I was pulled to this movie because of Liv Tyler. Other than that I can’t understand anything in the movie.


Let me start with good points in the movie. The movie has screen play and music which really horrifies audience. But we are not sure / understand the story.


The movie starts by Liv rejecting her boyfriend’s proposal to get married and they goto a lonely farm house on the hoods. There they are horrified by three Mask faced strangers. The strangers have many opportunities to kill the couples by they never do that instead they keep horrifying them fully.


Finally they capture the couples and kill them. In the climax two goto the house and find the dead couples and when they try to go near Liv she screams and the movie ends.


The audience leaves the movie without knowing?


  • Why The Strangers kill them.
  • How Liv doesn’t die even after being stabbed by knife.
  • Strangers face is not shown at all.


Over all I came out thinking why I wasted my money & time. Once consolation is Liv Tyler she looks gorgeous.

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