First & Second Startup experience – a comparison

I had the opportunity to be a startup twice in my life. My first one started as early as a student and the second was with eight years of entrepreneurial experience. I just wanted to compare how it makes a difference and how I felt on both occasions. So here is a small comparison chart;


First Startup Experience

Second Startup Experience



Lack of experience, focus & investment.

More experience, focus & reasonable investment.



Trust levels are low among stake holders.

Trust levels are high among stake holders.



Company & Personal costs are low.

Company & Personal costs are High.



Fluctuations in motivation are High.

At times motivations levels fluctuates. But experience shows how to overcome it.



Fear of failure is less because there is not point to prove.

Fear of failure is high because people expectation is high because of past success.



Problem solving was poor.

Experience has improved problem solving skills.


Over all it is interesting to be a startup second time also I might think my piece of cake is being like a Serial Entrepreneur so that I always have the excitement of being a Startup. Anyway let me enjoy my second stint of being a startup and run the show until I loose my motivation.

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