The Proposal

propose-leap-year_6_444354aOne of my good friend called me and said he has got two proposals. He was happy that a girl proposed him and I was happier than him because I had good reason to ask him a treat. So today we went out for a movie and I thought it would apt to take him to the movie The Proposal.

I don’t want to talk more about that because it is someone’s personal and I didn’t get my friends permission to post even a bit of information he shared him (anyways pal if you read this blog don’t get hot because I didn’t specify your name :d).

Now I’m thinking how it would be if as girl has proposed me. Unfortunately not a single girl proposed me till date and not sure if I’d get that opportunity. I’m sure I’d have cherished if I had such an experience.

Thought I’ve approached girls for date and been successful couple of occasions I still envy people who got proposal from girls and strive to under go the experience.

Anyways let me not leave hope and keep my fingers crossed and wait for the lucky girl.


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