Vicky’s marriage

7234_146060551952_724236952_3031304_2854647_n7234_146060561952_724236952_3031305_5670277_nYesterday was Vicky’s marriage and it was the moment we all were cherishing. He is the first in our Gang to get married. We are happy that we can take a call after seeing his experience (Smart way is learning from others mistake). I’ve been to many Bhramin marriage and I’ve stayed fully. But vicky’s marriage was the first where I sat for a long time. They have lot of rituals which runs for more than a day. In pictures you can see Vicky tying knot to Lakshmi.

Moments of the marriage; 

  • I missed the morning session on 1-09-2009. But Kuruvi & Sundar were on time for food.
  • It is nice to see Sundar coming to India for a week just to attend Vicky’s marriage.
  • I reached to the spot by evening and it was time to pull Vicky down. But Vicky was not disturbed as he didn’t bother us.
  • Then there was a counter offering fresh juice and I don’t have count on my intake. I think it must be more than 10.
  • Then time to pose for a snap with the couples. We are the ones to offer best gift. Yes we gifted Vicky to Lakshmi (Head Lakshmi inner self telling the gift was useless) which was the best (atlest we keep telling that to everyone).
  • Then time to pose for second snap with my mother. This time my mother saved my face by coming with a Gift.
  • Then time for dinner and the food simply superb & kudos for the caterers for their wonderful service.
  • Then next day morning got a wakeup call from Kuruvi by 5.45 AM. I got ready but Madhu was not ready and we decided to start by 9 o clock.
  • We reached the marriage hall by 9.30 AM and we were on time.
  • We were hungry and when we asked if breakfast was ready Vicky’s uncle interrupted asking us to wait as he will be tying knot in 5 min.
  • But it took 20 more min and we waited with hunger.
  • Then came the moment we all were happy, and I was more happy as I was able to make it to Breakfast.
  • Again time to Pull down Vicky and this time Vicky gave some attention to us.
  • Then shook hands with Vicky and came back home discussing golden moments with Madhu.

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