Looking for a hobby

As a student I had hobbies like stamp collection, fish breeding, browsing, poster collection and writing to my pen pal…

Once I became an entrepreneur I was fully into it and there was a gap… During 2008 when I was running thru a tough phase I wanted to distract myself and that is when I started with hobbies like blogging, Tweeting, Travelling, Driving, Watching Movies alone at home and amateur photography…

After 5 years blogging has become a habit… Travelling, Driving and Movie watching has come down drastically… For some reasons photography hasn’t caught up my interest…

From this year on I want to get hooked to some new hobby and not sure what to do and how to do… Also I want to work independently and work from different places… Want to drive somewhere halt in an unknown place and work… Goto my favorite Andaman island and work from there… Some of the hobbies I’ve in mind are…

Running a e-commerce site: One option have a hobby as per my liking is running a website… From my childhood i’m hooked indian arts like Kashmiri crafts, Tanjore paintings, Mamallapuram sculptures etc… It would be an idea to total all arts and crafts makers and create a platform online to sell them…

Coffee Brewing: Though I’ve passion to learn coffee brewing and create a unique (or secret) recipe… But not sure if I can do this as a vagabond…

Write a Book: Again this is another I can do with my tablet, smart phone, some good apps and internet… This will allow me to be a vagabond and pursue my work…

Entrepreneur Training Academy: I always evangelised Entrepreneurship and wanted to make it consistently…

Start an Incubation Center: Am setting up a small incubation center in Chennai which has all infrastructure to start a company and a small seed capital for startup…

In the above I prefer to run a e-commerce site or write a book as that gives me flexibility… For the incubation center it would be started with my friends companies and probably neXT year I can have that as a new hobby…

Everything revolves around company

These days I’ve been loosing interest in many hobbies & when I looked for reason it was the company you have…

Movies: I’ve been a great movie buff and I was in my peak between 2004 – 2010… These where the times I went for movies with Major, Balaji & Kavi… These are people with whom I do a lot of post movie discussion and I enjoyed them… But these days I don’t have such a perfect companion to enjoy watching movies…

Photography: This was very amateurish but never flourished as Balaji was the only companion with whom I was enjoying this art and after him I completely stopped taking snaps…

Long Drive: Again this was at itz peak with Major & Balaji and after them this has come to a halt…

Vagabond Travel: This is one thing I did as an individual… Though there was no physical companion when I was traveling… There was a companion in depression, boredom & loneliness which made me to enjoy my vagabond travel…

Thunder / Lightning Watch: This was very short lived by me & Balaji use to stop our car near Kovalam back water to enjoy seeing Thunder Light on the water… We spent many long hours for handful number of days…

Live Concerts: These were times with Aparnaa & after her marriage I’ve never been to a live concert until I went to AKON a month back…

At different stages there were different people with whom I enjoyed different things… Now am again in the hunt of a new company with whom I can start enjoying new things or continue things which I enjoyed earlier…

Things l long to do

For long I wanted to be crazy & I had to compromise on that bulging down to criticism… Of late I’ve decided to live a life I like irrespective of criticism or encouragement I get… So these are things I longed to do;

  • Stay House Arrested for a month (Planning to do this May where I can cheat the heat)…
  • Travel a distance of 600 KM from Chennai without any money & return…
  • Sing on the streets & collect money… Just got linked with a guitarist friend who is ready to join… Need some more members in the team…
  • Watch 5 movies in a day & that too in a theatre… My max till date is 3 movies…
  • To shoot amateur movies

This list will expand & will complete half of this by the end of may…

How to cope up with failed love?

Now many people can cope up with failed / strained relationship. When i came to know about suicide of model Viveka Babajee I thought I must openup. I can understand how it pains with my personal experience. How I felt at that time was;

  • Was unable to accept the reality that the relationship is over. Kept thinking that some miracle would happen & the person would revert back.
  • Was always living on the virtual world with the golden memories spent with the person.
  • Wanted to be alone. Not even with close friends.
  • Felt there was no meaning in living.
  • All the better memories and better things on hand became valueless.
  • Thought of ending life also prevailed on the corner of the mind.
  • Brain stopped working.
  • Didn’t feel like going to office, work, sleep, eat etc.

To keep it short I became like a living dead body. All i ask such people is to hold the nerve. There is definitely good in every bad. But we have to live to see all the exciting new things.

After overcoming months of pain. I came across lot of good humans whom i’d have missed if I stayed with the person. I’m happy today that I got a lot of deserving things for the loss I had and sure to get more too.

These are the things I did to overcome the tough phase;

  • I travelled to places where I’ve never been with my ex;
  • Moved to a place which was totally NEW. The place didn’t give me any memories of the past.
  • Created an hobby in Blogging to express my thought. This was one medium which was really helpful.
  • Developed another hobby in photography & vagabond travel.
  • Joined a GYM.

Overall I kept myself engaged fully that I didn’t have time to think about her and over time we get beautiful things what were worth than the loss.

Last thing is we must not forget that the person who had left us has a lot to loose than us. Experience of over coming tough patch of life is a wonderful feel. We must be gifted to get to feel the fain in it. And i’m happy for what has happened to me.

For people who had broken relationships move ahead! experience! and document your experience for others.

Retiring from Twitter

Yes all good things must come to an end. That applies to my tweeting too. It all started a year and half back where in I started tweeting actively. Twitter was a means to pass my time and it really helped me to share my thoughts, feeling and emotions. Also I got lots of friends because of Twitter. 

Last year same time when I was feeling lonely in Madurai which was a new place for me, my only companion was twitter. 

In spite of gaining so much from twitter. Why I wanted to quit? 

There are multiple reasons which forced me to take this call; 

  • Twitter has become too huge and chaos.
  • It has become a platform for Spamming.
  • Not longer I feel lonely.
  • My business schedule has become tight and time for twitting has come down.
  • I’ve developed too many hobbies and that has resulted in diluting my interest to tweet.
  • Though I’m an open person I was forced to come down on my tweet because of competitors.
  • Twitter becomes an addict which has taken a toll on my work and sleep.
  • Couple of people started complaining that I’m flooding their timeline with my tweets.
  • Thought my thinking and way to express things improved. My grammar has become poor for trying to fit things into 140 words.
  • Finally most of my friends too have reduced their tweeting and as a result no one is keeping me engaged. 

So, what I mean is I’m not totally quitting Twitter. I’m not going to be an active & consistent participant. I might occasionally tweet and share my feeds as tweets. 

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who have encouraged me, motivated me all through.

My new hobby

For last couple of years I’ve cultivated the habit of creating new hobbies. Couple of hobbies I’ve started in the recent past and I’ve been successfully doing is; 

  • Vagabond travel trips where in I travel to places in India in all local transport / low cost transport. In this one year I’ve travelled to Kodaikanal, Munnar, KaniyaKumari, Coimbatore, Andamans etc.
  • Investments
  • Reading
  • Social media activity and I’ve become a consistent Blogger, Twitter and actively participating in Linkedin and Peerpower kind of networks.
  • Long drives and finding new routs in and around Chennai.
  • Amateur photography.

Other than this I’m adding an additional stuff to this list. Last week when I was in Coimbatore I visited G.D.Naidu’s museum and I was carried away by seeing his collections.

I always think ahead which people thing I must be crazy. When I was in college I booked my domain name WWW.AnandNataraj.Com for Rs.4000/- then using all my savings. When my parents and friends questioned my I said when I become Bill Gates one day and when I don’t get the domain I might feel bad. Though I’m not to the level of Bill Gates I’m happy that I’m the owner of the Domain name which has my name.

Likewise when I visited the museum I thought even after my death there must be something I did or I used and I thought I must start collecting something different. All my hobbies are low cost or inexpensive. So I’ve decided to collect designer articles. The first in the list is a Key-Chain in the design of shock absorber which costs Rs.350/-. So what is special about this key chain is it is GM’s Official Design.

Next thing in my list is to buy a designer wooden showcase to display all my collections. It is time to get stingy and save money for new goal.

Cooking my new Initiative!!

I’ve reached a stage in life that almost all my friends are married / engaged / committed. They no longer have time for me as friendship has taken a backseat. Now-a-days I find a lot of time during weekends than before and I think I must spend them wisely. So I’ve developed couple of hobbies to spend my time wisely. So these are some activities which I’ve engaged myself at present; 

  • Blogging
  • Travelling and
  • Photography

But I don’t think those activities are sufficient because they don’t keep me engaged during weekdays. Yes I still find some time during weekdays and I think can learn cooking so that I can specialize in some recipe…

So you might wonder why this sudden interest?

There is couple of reasons. 

  • I’ve been a foodie for long since I drive a lot during weekends and will try our in different restaurants.
  • When I slowed down my driving for last one year that got compensated thru travelling where in I tried different eat outs at different places.
  • Then in Madurai I normally I eat out at different places and got excited by seeing different family joints specializing in different recipe.
  • Then next inspiration came after reading how Colonel Harland Sanders evolved his friend chicken recipe.

After this I thought why not I learn some recipe and specialize that. Now after considering these cases I’ve zeroed on a recipe which I can specialize. 

  • Egmore Alsa Mall Sandwitch
  • Taj Coromandel Ghilee Briyani
  • Ambur Khaja Restaurant Briyani
  • Madurai Amma Mess Briyani
  • Madurai Chapathi Park Chapatti’s
  • Madurai Ayyapan Kadai’s Dosa’s
  • Sindhi’s Dhinsha
  • KFC Chicken

Sindhi_biryaniSo being a Vegetarian my options are limited but I didn’t want to restrict my options and I thought Briyani would be my choice and I’m planning to buy all kitchen kits and start cooking once I reach Madurai.

Let me mark this blog today and see when I evolve my cooking skills and come out with a unique recipe and carve a niche for myself.

Until then wish me best LUCK!!!!