Why do I Blog?

I’ve been blogging from 2002 but I’ve become a consistent blogger only for last one year. So that made me a avid blogger? 

  • I want to express my thoughts & experience to as much as possible.
  • Want to document my experience and I can refer back to my good and challenging times and cherish them.
  • After blogging my perception of looking at things got changed. I look for experience in every moment in life. When I come across traffic jams, corrupt bureaucrats I’m able to flush out my frustration by Blogging out.
  • When I feel lonely I can engage myself because of Blogging.
  • Blog is wonderful tool to market my company & thoughts.
  • When I post a blog about any problem / challenge I get lots of help / solutions from my kind readers.
  • After blogging I reduced on doing crap things that has saved lot of time & money for me.

There are more benefits I’m reaping because of blogging. I started blogging casually but I was taken by things I was able to gain and became a serious blogger.

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