New GYM experience

Today is the first day I worked out with Sesodia Fitness Center, Vadapalani, Chennai. It is not a great GYM in terms of equipment or with ambiance. But the once reason I join here is because of the trainer. He has been my personal trainer when I was working out in Inshape 2 years back. 

But it was not a start I expected. When I went there my trainer was busy and he asked me to run on the treadmill without giving any stretches. After that I was asked to work on EFX where I pulled my back. 

Then I had to complain to my trainer about the back problem and he assigned one of his colleagues to help me with stretches. That guy did some stretches for namesake and then I was asked to do cycling. 

After which my trainer joined me in giving core exercise. Over all I’m disappointed and as usual I paid for 6 months. 

For now I’m forced to continue unless my trainer gives me the attention which he gave me 2 years back.


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