Google Maps Business Directory Listing Helps CCS

I was exploring thought Google Maps a couple of days back where I was plotting Cogzidel Consultancy Services office address with Google Maps. There I came across this link Add Business Listing and I added Cogzidel immediately. 

In recent times I got a series of leads from Google. Then I got puzzled as we have a low page rank and i was not getting many results for many core keywords. 

Then one day I happened to search “Accounting Services” where in I came across this result in Google search.


I was hacking with Google Maps long time back and it showed results (You can see Cogzidel Consultancy Services under maps results). Immediately I optimized for many keywords and it immediately showed in result.

Now I can see another option to get to the top page other than SEO & Adwords route. I recommend everyone to mark your business with Google Maps.

Today I marked my company with Yahoo Local Listing too.


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