Partying Networking & Reunion

Last two days I’ve been partying hard and networked a lot and got reunited with my old friends. Yesterday being a Saturday I got a call from a friend who invited me to join his friends in a party in Asiana in OMR. I’m visiting the hotel for the first time and got linked with the Landlord of the Hotel & other entrepreneur folks.

It was fun time there because the Landlord was one of the committee members to select the live band in the Pub. The girls singing dedicated all songs to us because of Hari. Also I’m going to the Hotel for first time and it is really mind blowing interiors and experience.

From there we had a choice of going to a Movie or to goto Pasha. We choose to goto Pasha and we picked my friends Girl Friends. This time I remembered my mentor and I invited him to Pasha.

My mentor was happy about my comeback and he enjoyed his drink and dance. For some reason floor was closed by 12 o clock and we went for dinner and while dropping those girls I crashed my car while taking reverse.

Morning work-up only hearing the yelling of my mom. Thank god I’ve a supportive sister who came to my rescue. I promised to take her to her Idol Vijay’s movie. Thank god she had some other commitment.

I got a call from one of the friend whom I met yesterday to join them for a house party. I went to his posh bungalow in Thambaram. This time most of them people networked are Compire, Serial Directors & actors. They were all drunk and I was unable to catch-up with them. Over all I didn’t enjoy the evening.

Then from there we went to watch the movie which I promised to take my sister and you can see the review I posted for Vetaikaran.

I must thank my position as CEO of Software Company which startles when I get introduced. People immediately befriend me and call me next day asking if there is any vacancy for their friend / relative.

Over all I enjoyed the party and networking. Now it is time to start forth coming week with a bang.


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