Sherlock Homes Experience

It has been more than a decade since i’ve read about Sherlock Homes. Since i was not interested in studies I use to mug the stories instead of enjoying it. Yesterday my friend KaviRaj called invited me to the movie Sherlock Homes.

Other than the name i didn’t remember any of the story or character name other than Sherlock Homes.

Since Inox & Satyam got full we had to content with Devi. Devi has been my favorite theatre once but i stopped watching movie there for almost 7 years. Owners have given a external facelift to the theatre. But seating were very small & was totally uncomfortable.

While watching the movie i came to know about Kavi’s interest for readings. He was telling a lots of Story Names, Author Names which i was totally unaware of. He gave lots of insights about Sherlock Homes. He is someone unique & i’ve never met someone like him before.

Also the whole theatre must be Sherlock Homes freaks. While Kavi was narrating story to me other started shouting that we are disturbing them.

Over all it was a different experience and also the movie was really class. Narration was like how it was done in Inglorious Bastards. But later i came to know that original tale also would be written in same style.

Now i’m eager to read more tales and again i feel it is all your surroundings that matters. When you have a friend with great passion his passion will take us a long way. Like wise if i had Kavi as my friend in school days. I’ve have excelled in reading books & fairy tales at a young age.


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