Azhagiri effect in Madurai

Azhagiri, fondly called as Annan (elder brother) the elder son of Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi is bastioned in Madurai for last 3 decade. We can see him dictating the rules in the city.

Last year when I first visited Madurai there will be his banners all over the city. I’ve seen roads dug to fit his banners and hoardings. In Madurai there is a rule not to have banners, but that doesn’t apply for this gentleman.

What ever the case is I heard he started doing good things after becoming a Member of Parliament for first time & a central minister.

But on a funny side I use to see his image in all marriage banners, ear piercing function banners, on bikes & cars. With the help of my PRO I’ve taken some snaps for my readers. Hope you all will enjoy it :).


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