Asal Rocks Madurai

I’m a Big fan of Thala Ajith and i didn’t have an opportunity to watch his movie in madurai where people go crazy for a Mass hero like him.

Though i missed that excitement i got some snaps of banners displayed by his fans. Madurai folks are know for their innovating writing skills and also for publicity stunts.

I’m posting some snaps for you to cherish;

Azhagiri effect in Madurai

Azhagiri, fondly called as Annan (elder brother) the elder son of Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi is bastioned in Madurai for last 3 decade. We can see him dictating the rules in the city.

Last year when I first visited Madurai there will be his banners all over the city. I’ve seen roads dug to fit his banners and hoardings. In Madurai there is a rule not to have banners, but that doesn’t apply for this gentleman.

What ever the case is I heard he started doing good things after becoming a Member of Parliament for first time & a central minister.

But on a funny side I use to see his image in all marriage banners, ear piercing function banners, on bikes & cars. With the help of my PRO I’ve taken some snaps for my readers. Hope you all will enjoy it :).