Government Servants behave like Boss

There are several instances where in i’ve experienced humiliation from government servants. Yesterday while i was driving back to office i got a call from my friend and i had to corner my car to attend the call as it was important.

Then a cop knocked my car with his Latti (stick) this behavior irritated me. But i ignored him and was continuing talking to him. He came for the second time and asked me if i didn’t have any sense and he asked if he has to repeat to move the car again and again.

This behavior of him made me break my cool and this time i wanted to take him for a toss. I got down from the car and told him there is a limit for everything. After all he is a government servant and I’m sure my tax money would have fetched him 3 – 4 months of his salary. Also i was abiding traffic rule by not talking while driving.

When i went on high pitch immediately cop came down. But i didn’t want to spare him and i asked him what is he going to do with the cars which were parked behind mine. By this time his superiors came to the spot and tried to convince me. They apologized to me on his behalf and then the cop himself conveyed his apologize.

Immediately when he apologized my temper got down and i didn’t want to test his patience and i left the place.

I’ve many other experience like this with other bureaucrats. But i took up the shit every-time and left angrily. This time i was contended as i got a apology from the cop.

Again while driving back to office i got caught by another cop assuming i was talking on mobile while driving. I posed this in my previous blog.


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