My first Case Study Initiative

At Cogzidel we have never documented all the solutions we solved for every challenge. I wanted to press folks in writing a case study and I wanted to lead from the front and wrote the first case study. There are more to come in future;

Challenge: We as a company didn’t believe on having a separate testing team to test our products. Because the projects were of short duration we always felt a testing team would make sense only after the development team unable to deliver results in spite of doing unit testing. But we were facing lots of challenges because of poor unit testing and many times we get a positive test report from our unit testers and our managers would pass the product to the client believing the words of their subordinates.

Most of the cases client comes back irated as there would be obvious bugs.

Solution: After doing a lot of counseling and giving reprimands nothing worked out as this thing got continued. We finally thought and got a suggestion from out CTO that;

  • Every unit tester must be given a target to find bugs in a product and we must have the bug report before sending to the client.
  • Team leaders must also be given a specific target for testing.
  • Team Managers also given a target on testing.
  • Final report goes to the CTO before sending project closure to the client.

Based on the number of bugs and size of the project CTO will analyze will recommend if the project can be sent for project closure.


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