Butterfly Theory Politics in Andra

Yesterday two of my school mates joined me for dinner. We were discussing several things starting from schooling days to the days of struggle to create an identity in our career to current days. Some how things changed to Tamil Nadu politics and moved to Andra Pradesh politics. One of my friend hails from Andra and he said following points;

  • Y.S.Rajashekara Reddy death is a murder and that is plotted by Congress because of his growing influence in Andra and his autocratic approach with the high command.
  • Then the telengana issue was started by Y.S.R’s son Jegan to gain control over the power held by his father.
  • Then a following religious clashes subsided telengana issue.

Considering the above said points it all coincides and looks like politics shown in cinema. What ever it is politicians are making bhakra of people.


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