World is moving towards the RIGHT!!

Right WingUP!!! India’s largest state in terms of Size, Population and Minority influence has given a clear mandate to Right Wing BJP!!

After a week of deliberations the party has announced Yogi Adityanath, an extreme Right Wing activist as the Chief Minister designate!!

Already Social Media & News channels are up with their Ante!! But I’m not going to talk about the good or bad about Yogi nor going to give my opinion on things that is going to shape India!!!

But I’m curious to know if the world is changing?? Almost every country is moving towards the Right!!!

  1. I’d consider Donald Trumph’s campaign and win as Right Wing wave!!
  2. Britain went with Right Wing Theresa May!!
  3. Germany is with Angela Merkel!!

Right Wing is becoming a global phenomenon and are the liberals missing a point here??

Though I’m not an expert in this topic, I see minority appeasement is bringing the rise of Right Wing!!

Let us see how this world is shaping up in the next decade!!


Power of democracy

It was a months wait & we were eagerly waiting for something we were expecting… Though as an amateur I found most of my exit polling with friends let to a clear mandate… I was a bit worried about the money power & coalition dynamics of DMK… I represented a bubch of normal man’s anger that led to the failure of DMK… These are the factors that led me to vote against the ruling party;

  • Corruption related to 2G…
  • Big family dynasty politics & atrocities of the family folks… Almost they were behaving like kings in a Kingdom…
  • Family domination of Movies…
  • Frequent power failures….
  • Domination of Real Estate….
  • Polarizing people on the basis of Caste…

What ever it is it was a clear single largest mandate… But I didn’t expect DMK to become 3rd largest party falling behind a 5 year old DMDK…

Finally DMK has paid heavily & they have been taught what Democracy is…

I wish AMMA for her success & wish she gives a good rule which doesn’t involve into vendetta politics…

Butterfly Theory Politics in Andra

Yesterday two of my school mates joined me for dinner. We were discussing several things starting from schooling days to the days of struggle to create an identity in our career to current days. Some how things changed to Tamil Nadu politics and moved to Andra Pradesh politics. One of my friend hails from Andra and he said following points;

  • Y.S.Rajashekara Reddy death is a murder and that is plotted by Congress because of his growing influence in Andra and his autocratic approach with the high command.
  • Then the telengana issue was started by Y.S.R’s son Jegan to gain control over the power held by his father.
  • Then a following religious clashes subsided telengana issue.

Considering the above said points it all coincides and looks like politics shown in cinema. What ever it is politicians are making bhakra of people.

AMMA addressed gathering in Madurai!!!

Yesterday leader of AIADMK J.Jailalitha (AMMA) addressed a gathering in Madurai… The dais was stone throwing distance from our office… By evening the read leading to our office was blocked… The road is called North Veli Street and road is the heart line of Madurai as it connects to Madurai Railway Junction and Central Bus Stop…

The arrangements for the dais were happening from yesterday morning and today it was spectacular with lightings and there were loads of supporters who crowded the entire stretch…

Today AMMA reached the dais by evening and I think her address was more than 30 minutes… As I was not allowed to take camera beyond a point I was unable to shoot while she was addressing the gathering… But I took a snap from my office terrace unfortunately the picture was shacked…

Here are some snaps which I shot…


AMMA returning after returning from the gathering… The picture got shaked…


This is 1/10th of the crowd that attended the gathering…

Meet Capt. Gopinath

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