Yet another motivation

Yesterday I got an email from an ex-cogzian & it was really motivating to get such email & only makes me more responsible to be constant and responsible in blogging…

Dear sir. . .
This is bismil razik here, how are you sir? Hope you fine. I am very
glad to send mail you. There is a lot of reasons. First i tell about
my self. My native is nagercoil. I am a B.E graduate. I think there is
no chance to know about me.  I have worked two months in cogzidel
chennai. That is a great chance for me to know about you. You also saw
me once time sir. That was a unforgettable moment. Can you guess? Yes
it was your last birth day celebration in cogziel chennai.can you
remember? I am also a one of the person in that group but
unfortunately im not working there sir. I really attracted by your
birthday speech sir. It was nice moments. I taught to tell you much
more. But now no words coming. K i tell shortly sir. I truely
attracted by your blog. You said to us about blog that time onwards i
also tried to make a blog but no ideas there that time but now i done
it. I wish  you to visit my blog  sir i want some more ideas, tips
from u sir. I need ur comments You are one of my role model. I also
wish to learn something new from you. I watched ur blog several
topics, all was amazing, nice postings, really interesting sir. Am
also a great thala fan sir. . .Me too want to improve my self also
give me some technical ideas. I wish you all success, may god wish to
fulfil ur all wishes, waiting for you reply sir. . Take care. . Kindly
invite you to my new blog. . .


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