How to cope up with failed love?

Now many people can cope up with failed / strained relationship. When i came to know about suicide of model Viveka Babajee I thought I must openup. I can understand how it pains with my personal experience. How I felt at that time was;

  • Was unable to accept the reality that the relationship is over. Kept thinking that some miracle would happen & the person would revert back.
  • Was always living on the virtual world with the golden memories spent with the person.
  • Wanted to be alone. Not even with close friends.
  • Felt there was no meaning in living.
  • All the better memories and better things on hand became valueless.
  • Thought of ending life also prevailed on the corner of the mind.
  • Brain stopped working.
  • Didn’t feel like going to office, work, sleep, eat etc.

To keep it short I became like a living dead body. All i ask such people is to hold the nerve. There is definitely good in every bad. But we have to live to see all the exciting new things.

After overcoming months of pain. I came across lot of good humans whom i’d have missed if I stayed with the person. I’m happy today that I got a lot of deserving things for the loss I had and sure to get more too.

These are the things I did to overcome the tough phase;

  • I travelled to places where I’ve never been with my ex;
  • Moved to a place which was totally NEW. The place didn’t give me any memories of the past.
  • Created an hobby in Blogging to express my thought. This was one medium which was really helpful.
  • Developed another hobby in photography & vagabond travel.
  • Joined a GYM.

Overall I kept myself engaged fully that I didn’t have time to think about her and over time we get beautiful things what were worth than the loss.

Last thing is we must not forget that the person who had left us has a lot to loose than us. Experience of over coming tough patch of life is a wonderful feel. We must be gifted to get to feel the fain in it. And i’m happy for what has happened to me.

For people who had broken relationships move ahead! experience! and document your experience for others.


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