Who is really SETTLED???

I got a call from my class mate and a good buddy… But we couldn’t interact frequently owing to career path… What started to be like a courtesy call ended up as an argument as who is settled in our own terms…

At some point in our conversation my friend stated that he is not frequenting me and for school get togehters because he is no settled in life unlike me… I got startled when I heard that from him as my MOM use to compare me with him claiming my friend is settled unlike me…

According to my mom my friend is having a decent job, a decent pay, got married & has got a kid… My mom always screams that I’m not settled like my school buddy…

But when my friend claimed he is not settled like me… I get really shocked… I for sure understood he means monetary status as settled… He feels a person should get married until he is financially independent… He said I’m right in delaying my marriage to get financially independent… My friend strongly feels attaining financial independence is real SETTLED…

Many times my mom use to ask me what am I going to do with all these money without a family… Number of times she advised me to wind my business and take up a job… My parents use to say they were not rich or financially stable when my and my sister was born… For them a person with a family even if he is not financially stable is real SETTLED…

This is a story of true perceptions… I’m seeing a person who is not happy because he is not financially independent thought he has a good family… I’ve seen the experience of another who experienced happiness in family than their financial independence…

Now I’ve to choose or find which perception is suited for me??? Am I SETTLED or not???

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