Thanks to Thala (GK) & Roshan

Yesterday got an invite from our Thala and Roshan… They gave me a treat for my birthday and they gifted me a wonderful Sunglass…

As planned we all met at Suguna Vilas Sabha and it took some time for thala to finish his calls and join us… In the mean time had spent some time with Roshan as it has been a long time…

By the time Thala joined us it was Roshan’s time on the call… But it was really nice to get such a time with a person like thala…

It was an unpublished rag to rich story… Where a person from a village coming to Chennai… He started his business with hardware to electrical to TNHB contract to Travel Agent to Construction Business….

In every venture he was successful and every venture has lots if case study for entrepreneurs to learn…

I had to cut short the conversation as I had to come back to hospital… I need a casual meet with him for sure and need to interview him and document his case study…

I thank Roshan for facilitating a meet with Thala… And thanks to Thala for sharing his story… You are really interesting and motivating…. You have really made my day….

Also thanks you both for the Sunglass…..



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