Rejuvenating Bangalore Drive

It was a challenging week to start and last three days have been disastrous when it comes to work…

Almost every professional and personal tasks got collapsed… Even started the day without much enthusiasms and excitement…

Got an appointment with doctor to check about dad’s health… To my surprise doctor reached early and there was no waiting time…

After three days of paralysis, there was a day which was happening… Immediately thought of driving to Bangalore to meet my wife…

Drove all alone to Bangalore and it was good 5 hours where I could come out of stress and think about strategies…

  • Drove against heavy rains
  • Had delicious variety rice for lunch… Unfortunately forgot the name of the Hotel
  • Took a coffee break at CCD
  • A 10 minute traffic halt by road workers… But got a call from office which didn’t make me frustrated
  • Finally reached Bangalore and surprised my wife

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