The 11th item in my Bucket List

Kick It on the Daily Post asks What’s the 11th item on my bucket list??
First let me explain the meaning of Bucket List. A Bucket List is an experience or achievement a person would like to achieve in his/her life time.

So, What’s the 11th item on my bucket list?

My 11th Bucket List is to spend one full year of my life by just bartering my needs. That means I don’t work for money. Instead I would barter my professional service to fulfill my needs.

That made me think what all I need in a day / week / month of the year and how I could barter for those needs??

  • Every day I can host guests at my house as a barter for breakfast, lunch & dinner!
  • I can carpool people to spots I want to travel as a barter for GAS.
  • In a month I can buy groceries for 10 house hold as a barter for getting me groceries.
  • Every evening I can offer tutoring service as a barter for paying my electricity bills.
  • I can write promotional blogs as a barter for apparels.

Couldn’t think of more personal needs!! But I’d love to see more comment on list of things I forgot to list and I can come with the barter I can offer for that!!!

3 thoughts on “The 11th item in my Bucket List

    1. That how do I know SIR?? You can barter anything!!!

      If you are asking if what will I barter??
      I can carry coconut plants to your place if you can pay my bills!!! FYI my monthly bills comes to ₹1500/- and more!!

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