Never been so busy!!!

This is a very interesting phase in life where I’m engaged with many parallel things and still enjoying every bit of it!!!

  • Cogzidel Technologies management and daily calls with Sam and other important stakeholders…
  • Working on the Coffee Project. Though Bala is doing the major task, working on plans, calls with Bala, follow ups with Ravi and working on the future roadmap!!!
  • Working with with Dinesh, as usual collaborating with Dinesh on a daily basis, as we are on the pilot run. Working aggressively to move the project to Alpha stage!!!
  • Spending an hour everyday for the new crowdfunding project I’m working.
  • Apart from this the tiny contribution to Wife and Mother…
  • Working with SBI Bank for the home loan processing…
  • Write one blog a day…

Thought there are hiccups, it is interesting as I measure the results on a day basis and working as tasks helps me to measure the progress of every task… 

Never been so engaged. Also I’m enjoying this phase because it doesn’t puts me into stress, because I’m not struck on any engagement and have the option of working with some other task if I’m struck. For example last we(Bala & me)got struck with the Bank Wire Transfer issue and for 3-4 days it was taking us to dead ends… At such times we went out for a movie, blogged the frustration, worked on the coffee project and tried Wire Transfer Task again… Small progress on a daily basis kept us progressing and in a week the task got completed..

Wish this phase busy & interesting phase continues….


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