World is moving towards the RIGHT!!

Right WingUP!!! India’s largest state in terms of Size, Population and Minority influence has given a clear mandate to Right Wing BJP!!

After a week of deliberations the party has announced Yogi Adityanath, an extreme Right Wing activist as the Chief Minister designate!!

Already Social Media & News channels are up with their Ante!! But I’m not going to talk about the good or bad about Yogi nor going to give my opinion on things that is going to shape India!!!

But I’m curious to know if the world is changing?? Almost every country is moving towards the Right!!!

  1. I’d consider Donald Trumph’s campaign and win as Right Wing wave!!
  2. Britain went with Right Wing Theresa May!!
  3. Germany is with Angela Merkel!!

Right Wing is becoming a global phenomenon and are the liberals missing a point here??

Though I’m not an expert in this topic, I see minority appeasement is bringing the rise of Right Wing!!

Let us see how this world is shaping up in the next decade!!


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