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FaceBook Mobile Version is Broken!!

Been trying to use FB from my iOS browser Safari & the site is Screwd for almost an hour!!!

My New Tripod for SmartPhones

Got this new Toy from Amazon & it has it’s own utility… From now we can Video Shoot all our business meetings… Since we mostly do it in hotels & coffee shops, this toy can be kept on the table and get… Read More

Treat!!! Swami buying an iPhone 5S

Our CTO Mr.Swaminathan buying a new iPhone 5S Gold & the entire day expense is in him… Lucky ME!!!

Dropped my mobile :(((

Was attending a phone call while walking my way home… After finishing the call my iPhone slipped from my hand :(… Yep I’m known for my sloppy hand and a lot of times I’ve been a victim of that; Dropped my Nokia… Read More

Too much of Technology is Injurious to MIND

Every month I’ve to take my father to hospital for review… Normally a review takes 8 – 10 hours where in I’ve to wait for doctors, get the list of scans to be taken, make payment, take him for scan, wait for… Read More

Out of Stock

Day before Yesterday we(myself & swami) were told by one of our Sales folks that there is an offer running for iPhone 3G for Rs.9999/- from Aircel… For long we wanted to buy an iPhone to our Mobile Development Labs… There was… Read More