The key to success!!!

Knowingly or Unknowingly all my business ventures have been launched before I ready!!

My first venture Agriya;

  • It was started even before I was out of college!!!
  • Never possessed any technical or interpersonal skills!!! 
  • Could call myself a fresher entrepreneur!!

This was a turning point not in my life but also for a bunch of friends and acquaintances who started their own ventures looking at the success of my first venture!!!

My second venture People Justice Magazine!!!

  • Started at the age of 24!!!
  • No idea on how to run a magazine and that too a Tamil one!!!
  • No expertise on collecting news!!!
  • No experience in editorial!!!

The venture failed as I was not full time into it!!! Also the team I formed didn’t connect with the vision I carried!!! I wanted to go digital during 2005 and the team collapsed for the same reason!!! Today it would have been a great if we have changed!!! Anyway the learnings and connects it gave me was stupendous!!! Also we were able to print magazines for 2 years!!!

My third venture Cogzidel Technologies!!!

  • Started at a time I was broke mentally and monetarily!!!
  • Was running through multiple legal battles!!!
  • Wanted to take a spiritual break but couldn’t!!!

Still running the Show!!! Not reached the heights I anticipated!!! But able to run so far and I’m ready to take a great leap!!

My third venture Cogzidel Consultancy Services!!!

  • Started at a time I was broke mentally and monetarily!!!
  • Was running through multiple legal challenges!!!
  • Wanted to take a spiritual break but couldn’t!!!
  • No idea on what to do & how to do with this venture!!
  • Just started with my pain points but was lacking the operation knowledge!!!
  • My partner Bala was lacking the business knowledge and he was not ready too!!!

Today this company is our identity in India!!! Almost every Startups in Chennai should be aware of CCS!!! In less than a year we got the business & operational knowledge and we are working on great things!!!

My fourth venture Movie Production!!!

  • Didn’t know anything about the industry!!!
  • Didn’t have any capital when we started!!!

The movie flopped miserably!!! But I wouldn’t consider it a loss as it was a crowd funded movie and the loss can be substantiated for the experience of being  associated with the industry!!! 

Also can’t call it a failure yet as I’m on a sabbatical and planning to venture back!! This time not as a producer but as a distributor!!!

But in every case I was not ready with Capital or Experience or Knowledge or Team or any other aspects… But as I perceived everything fell in line and things happened!!!

So, I’d tell anyone running behind SUCCESS to blindly believe in the quote!!


Everything revolves around company

These days I’ve been loosing interest in many hobbies & when I looked for reason it was the company you have…

Movies: I’ve been a great movie buff and I was in my peak between 2004 – 2010… These where the times I went for movies with Major, Balaji & Kavi… These are people with whom I do a lot of post movie discussion and I enjoyed them… But these days I don’t have such a perfect companion to enjoy watching movies…

Photography: This was very amateurish but never flourished as Balaji was the only companion with whom I was enjoying this art and after him I completely stopped taking snaps…

Long Drive: Again this was at itz peak with Major & Balaji and after them this has come to a halt…

Vagabond Travel: This is one thing I did as an individual… Though there was no physical companion when I was traveling… There was a companion in depression, boredom & loneliness which made me to enjoy my vagabond travel…

Thunder / Lightning Watch: This was very short lived by me & Balaji use to stop our car near Kovalam back water to enjoy seeing Thunder Light on the water… We spent many long hours for handful number of days…

Live Concerts: These were times with Aparnaa & after her marriage I’ve never been to a live concert until I went to AKON a month back…

At different stages there were different people with whom I enjoyed different things… Now am again in the hunt of a new company with whom I can start enjoying new things or continue things which I enjoyed earlier…

A different experience

It was a satisfying day at work and I was relieved to close a long pending requirement. Though this is just a drop in the ocean and the journey starts from here. I feel a sense of relief as this requirement was running for months and we are getting exhausted. By the time I was wrapping my day at office I got a friend which had really strong words and that made me feel hard. It carried for sometime until I was carried away by exciting conversation which I love MBA, Case Studies & Entrepreneurship.

Then I returned home early today and I had no plans to work for the night & I was not feeling sleepy either. Had no idea how to spend time. I’m sitting with my Laptop open and watching TV & I didn’t feel bored. Also I didn’t do anything useful too.

Came across Sun Music after a long time. I can say almost after a decade and they are playing songs of 80’s. I grew up listening to those songs. Each song made me nostalgic & I went back thinking the experience of watching those movies.

As a kid I was taken to those movies by my parents and watching movies were not like these days because they were totally different experience. I was taken to a selected movies, tickets were booked well in advance, mostly they were done during week ends. I use to count every day for the D-Day. I was always asked to study on Friday and Saturday if I had to be taken to that movie. Though I use to have the books on hand my mind will be full of expectation of watching that movie. For that 3 hour of joy I had to slog for a week. Anyways those were days of Bliss.

By the time I listen to the song I use to look for details in WikiPedia to read about my favorite stars of those days. These are some of the Actors, Actress & Movies I visited back.

Actors Actress Movies
Nagarjuna Girija Idayathai Thirudathey
Mohan Revathi Mouna Ragam
Karthik BhanuPriya Anveshana
Kamal Sri Devi Moondram Pirai
Rajini Ambika Ambulla Rajinikanth
Ramarajan Kanaka Karakatakaran
Mamooty Amala Mounam Samadam
Murali Revathi Pagal Nilavu
VijayaKanth Radika Naanae Raja Naanae Mandiri

Life has come a Circle

Thirteen years back when I was in college my neighbors & relatives who were elder to me by 7 – 10 years use to take me for movies. I’d be waiting for weekends and I was not sure then why they were taking all the pains to take me by spending on tickets and snacks for me.

Then after completion of my graduation and after starting to earn I use to goto movies every weekend along with my friends. Problem then was there were different sets of friends (School, College, Neighbor) use to call me at a same time. It was hard to take a choice but i managed by shuffling teams every week.

Then after a time I started approaching my juniors to accompany me for a movie. Yesterday I was in a situation where I wanted to go for a movie. When I approached my juniors whom I took for granted until sometime back CHANGED. When I approached then I started getting reasons my friends use to tell me or Vice-Versa.

Just realized that they have grown and they have become serious in their life. Only yesterday I got an answer “Why I was sponsored for movie by my Seniors”. Now I realize that I was doing a favor for them and they didn’t.

Life has come a full circle and now it is time to drill down and look for young Kids who can give me company.

I Hate Love Storys – Review

Watched I Hate Love Storys this Sunday. To be frank i was little upset as we missed 20 min of the movie and that to because of a friend who is known for delaying things.

After getting settled the first half was little comical and zoom came the interval. Kudos to the initial minutes we missed.

To be frank I think we didn’t miss much as it was a predictable screenplay and the story was also Old Wine in a New Old Bottle. Only good thing is it has youthful characters.

I Loved the comedy part of the movie, watch Sizzling Sonam Kapoor, the concept of leading the life we need & fight till the last to win what we needed the most.

Happy Birthday Thalaiva!!

I’ve grown like most of the folks in Tamil Nadu by admiring our idol Super Star Rajini Kanth. We call him Thalaiva (Leader) and all his movies have been super hits. 

Rajini is known for his; 

  • Mass fan following in TN & many parts of the globe.
  • He brought the cult of delivering Punch Dialogue.
  • He is known for his quick reflex in movements.
  • He brought the Style cult into Tamil cinema.
  • He is known for showing unbelievable / unrealistic stunts or actions into Tamil cinema & yet it is been accepted by audience.
  • He brought in Hero based comedy into Tamil cinema (which is one of the reasons for his success). 

These are some of his movies which I admire; 

  • 6’il Irundhu 60’vadhu Varai
  • Mullum Malarum
  • 16’ru Vayadhinilae
  • Murattu Kalai
  • Thillu Mullu
  • Dhalapathi
  • Basha
  • Muthu 

There are more movies I like but these are some of my favorites of him. 

To talk about this gentleman we have to tell him Simple, Soft, Polite in spite of being such a big Success Story. He is a Rag to Rich story and all aspiring youths can take cues from the journey of this man. 

Acquisitions we have against our icon are; 

  • Not entering politics.
  • Always degrading him while praising someone.
  • Going to Himalayas ignoring his Fans.
  • Not being stable in his decisions. 

Even we are all upset on the above list of things. We still love him and admire him to the core. 

Today our icon is celebrating his 60th birthday. Thought he gets old by age he is still young by heart.

On this occasion I wish our Thalaivar Rajini Kanth a Happy Birthday on behalf of all his Fans. 

Long Live Rajini. So, that he can give us more movies.

At last Joy in Madurai

It has been 10 months since I’ve been visiting Madurai and initial 2 month have been great struggle to catch up with the culture. Also added up to the irony the city was deprived of Multiplexes and MNC food joints / boutique food joints. In these 10 months I’ve experimented tasting lots of family run food joints and did a lot of Vagabond trips to locations near to Madurai.

Also for last two months I had to postpone my Vagabond travelling because of summer and still pinch of summer is severe.

Starting from next month I’ll start my weekend vagabond trips and the places in the list are; 

  • Rameshwaram
  • Kuttralam
  • Valparai
  • A days stay in KaniyaKumari

DSC01186DSC01188Apart from this there is a brand new coffee shop opened in Anna Nagar which has a great ambiance and menus are also good. Also it is not crowded yet and I really enjoy visiting this joint.

By the end of August Millennium Mall will be open for public and it has 3 screen multiplex.


DSC01182DSC01184Also 2 weeks back Big Cinemas has opened 2 screen multiples which is screening Hindi & English movies and also the ambience is nice and place is clean.

At last I feel a sense of relief as I might not feel bored during evenings and weekends.

Last four days in Madurai

Last four days in Madurai has been a different experience than my previous ones. Normally my stay is Madurai was full of discipline as I don’t have any friends here, city is small to cover any distance & there is not much places to hangout.

But this time I was totally out of my routine because; 

  • I skipped going to GYM.
  • I ate a lot as I found lots of eateries in Madurai which I was not exposed to previously.
  • Hanged out in new hangouts as Big Cinemas has opened two new multiplexes and there are two more expected in KK Nagar.
  • My friend base is slowly growing here.
  • Kudos to Hypersomnia I slept for more than 14 hours a day.

Over all I can’t cherish this moment officially as I think my productivity and work concentration has been severely affected. But personally I really enjoyed staying in Madurai and I started to develop a liking for the city.

So what did I do for last four days? 

  • Found a road side eatery which has vast menus for dosas. Its owner has become my good friend and I’m planning to do a coverage with him (The Hindu has already done a coverage on this eatery).
  • Then I close my dinner with Jil Jil Jigardhanda as dessert. But to be frank drinking Jigardhanda has become like my second dinner.
  • I finish the day by watching second show cinema from Big Cinemas.
  • Found a new coffee shop near Apollo Hospital by name Coffee Float which provides nice atmosphere to watch cricket matches and sip coffees.
  • My subordinates are doing a good job that they have made my work simple which eventually creates a lot for time for me.
  • Then my new mobile phone has a Cricket Game in it and I spent more time playing cricket.

Anyways last four days has given me a new experience and I enjoyed being here and stayed here without complaining for the first time.

So this has been my experience for the trip and I need to hang here as I must go back home to do some cleaning work, take shower and board bus to Kumbakonam to attend a relatives marriage. Kumbakonam must be 6-7 hours of travel from here and I think I need not worry as I’m addicted playing cricket in my mobile.

Oops forgot to charge my mobile let me do that and finish all my work.

Bye Bye Madurai.