Coming Soon!! New office for CCS…

Hooray!! Cogzidel Consultancy Services has grown from a baby to adolescent kid which is on itz own within once year inception. Having started with a shared office a year back, we are moving to our own leased premise near Kodambakkam.  

Yes it is an 800 Sq Ft office which is on the centre of city with very good access to public transport. From now on we can accomplish a lot of goals and the first thing is my dream project of starting a incubation center where we can help startups by proving space and infrastructure when they are at bootstrapping stage.

Now it is time sit and draw proto type for interior design and interesting part of planning and budgeting.

Keep watching to be updated on our Bootstrapping & Business Incubations services.

How I bootstrapped my first venture!!!

This is how I bootstrapped my first venture which was started during the starting days of Dotcom bubble.


  • Shared office space from a Gingelly oil company where they gave us 100 sq ft space, 5 systems, internet connection and a telephone line for $200 a month.
  • Provided out of our business model services which helped us sustain till we got a groove into our core business. Services we offered were;
    • Linux installation
    • System Assembling & Trouble shooting
    • Java Training
    • Offering real time projects for college students
    • Sub sourcing resumes to manpower companies

Since we were out of college we had big network of friends who were college pass outs or students which helped in spreading our services and we got decent response to recover our monthly expense.

  • Since it was recession there was acute shortage of jobs. We offered jobs for deposit and we got tremendous response for this. We made $2000 from two people which were our six months liquidity with which we stopped all non core activities and concentrated on core business.
  • Apart from those two paid resource. We hired talented people who joined us for no pay. This changed our fortunes.

Having generated 6 months cash flow and a team of talented people we were able to win projects with the HELP of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and market places like and

Entrepreneurship!! Whose piece of cake?

I’ve seen many highly energized people who approach me with their business ideas asking to review their idea or for investment… Most of these people who approached me said they were meeting more people with their ideas for more than six months… When I asked the reason for their wait;


  • Some said they had family commitments to fulfill and hence they can’t quit their job.
  • Some said they work to gain experience which would be helpful when they start a business.
  • Some said they are waiting for proper timing (Some said market is at itz high and waiting for correction & some said it is recession).
  • Some say they don’t have enough capital to start a company.


There were many more reasons which sound crazy… Though I respect their reason be it genuine or not. I can’t buy their reason for delaying their entrepreneurial ambitions because;


  • Mr.Narayanamurthy founder of Infosys had a family (Wife & 2 children) when he started Infosys. Commitments are man made and we have control over our commitments and we have to plan and control our commitments to bring out other desire.
  • Job experience and business experience are different ball game and when one starts a business at any point of time (with or without experience) they have to come across challenges.
  • Timings can’t be timed because when market is on a high note there will be business but costs are high and when there is a recession costs are low but business will be poor. Always there is no right time to start a business or to put it optimistically every time is right time to start a business.
  • Always one need not have capital to start a company. There are many ways to bootstrap and one must read success stories how they bootstrapped in they their early days.


I personally didn’t have much job experience when I took up entrepreneurship but today I gained much knowledge and experience which is required by an entrepreneur. But my friends who started business with 8 years of job experience are overcoming the same challenges which I came across.


One more thing which I want to tell every striving or wanna be entrepreneurs is “Start something immediately” only then you will create a focus and can find your path. Until then it will be a chicken and egg story…


Let me end this blog with this note;


  • Ship is always safe in the shores but it is not built for that.
  • Start small Think big Work on quick iterations.

Cogzidel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Services

Where ever we talk about services offered by Cogzidel Consultancy Services (CCS) people get excited about list of services… Some people & well wishers also expressed their concern stating we are concentrating on too many services… For those kinds of people I’d first request you all to read this blog post… Now let me tell you the advantages of outsourcing to CCS;


  • Saving cost by outsourcing non-core functions which are mandatory for functioning of business…
  • Getting services from experienced professionals…
  • Getting a professional outlook for your entity by complying with all compliances…
  • Professional book-keeping where we have a copy of all your records and can avail in time of need…
  • Saving the company paying fine and penalties which arises because of inexperience in support functions…


In short we provide Compliance Management & Business Process Management services and we provide single window service for all services which falls under CM and BPM parse… There are the types of services which we offer;


  • Accounting Services (including Internal Audit)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Regn of company / society / trust / partnership firm
  • Employee-friendly Tax planning
  • Filing IT returns
  • Obtaining PAN / TAN
  • Statutory compliances – PF / ESI / Sales Tax / Service Tax / STPI etc
  • Trademark / Patent Registration
  • Business Incubation Services
  • Bootstrapping


For more information about the services please feel free to visit