An Exciting Day with great Composure

Always i rejoice days where i worked with full satisfaction. I carry that happy moments along with me & will funny & accommodating.

But I don’t know what happened today. I wanted to be calm, silent & serious. Without me realizing I had a wonderful day at work and i did following tasks today;

  • Browsed & collected around 20 things which were bugs, suggestions & feedback for improvement.
  • Wrote a case-study for Cogzidel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coordinated with Madurai folks who made me Happy by launching new product for CogzidelTemplates.Com.
  • Had a productive meeting with my CTO where we discussed;
    • Speeding delivery of projects.
    • Road map for Sales Improvement.
    • Ideas for new products.
    • Plan for Development for Internal Framework.
  • Had meeting with my CFO to discuss about;
    • Status of fun raising.
    • Collected tough cases faced to write case studies.
  • Even before writing this blog finished writing one another case study.

This is supposed to be a fulfilling day for anyone and anyone must feel high. But for me everything looks normal and I’m not that excited. I normally go out to watch some movie when I’m sad or very much excited. Today i got a call from my friend to go for a movie which i turned down.

But i feel happy because the new change in me is only taking me in the right path.


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