Sleep delayed the day

It was a drowsy start for the day. Had slept early to wake-up early for the Board Meeting. As usual got-up mid night and was in no mood to work and my brain was full time thinking about the ways to improve the productivity in the organization and ways to improve the sales.

By the time it was early in the morning and I thought i need a short nap to stay fresh for the meeting. But I slept long that I got up only by 11:15 AM & the meeting was by 11 AM… Other two directors made up on time and I had to call them and I made it to meeting by 12:30 noon with a awkward smile. My other directors were lenient enough to forgive me.

Then we started the meeting and we had effective meetings and many decisions were taken. Now it is time to work on the decisions and implement them quickly.

After the meeting it was time to call everyone who kept calling me form the morning.  After that decided to go for a Video Blog which i was planning to do it for long time. I pinged my fellow CEO at Contus Support Interactive & he was generous enough to install the plugin immediately. For now i don’t have time to test it. Probably I might do it from tomorrow.

Now it is time to get back home, pack my bags and proceed to board my bus as there is only 2 hours left from now.

Wish me Happy Journey!!!!!


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