What is in a Filter Coffee?

What is soo special about a Coffee/Filter Coffee??

I keep wondering often, because;

  • Coffee post in Instagram gets a lot of Likes..
  • Post in FB gets Likes and Comments..
  • In Twitter it increases my followers..

Just wondering what is soo attractive about Coffee to get this much traction…

So, with this instinct I’m planning to venture into Coffee Business… It might sound wired but true… Venturing on instincts!!! 

I’m sure this Social Media traction will also apply to in person traction and get business…


Working for Passion

For almost a year i’ve been spending more time on drive, shopping & watching movies. I got addicted to retail fobia and my expenses started to shoot-up. Also i started hating what i was doing. For some time my friend Kaviraj & I were thinking of doing something which keeps us engaged and we enjoy doing it.

A week back I got an idea of starting a School for Social Media Studies & today we took the idea to next level. The biggest challenge we have to cross is that this is a part-time initiative & a secondary commitment as we have primary business interest which cant be compromised.

Tomorrow we have decided to give it a start and work on a solution for the challenge. The concept is going to be agile and we have decided to have short milestone & vision and evolve it based on experience & demand.

Also we are planning to make this a community driven initiative and we are open for ideas and we welcome like minded individuals who had passion for Social Media & for teaching.

My goal is to work on a task which is of secondary interest and make it a success. Will share the case study if my initiative clicks.