Internet best route for startups!!!

Internet has created lot of opportunities for creating wealth, sharing knowledge and created new type of hobbies… There are lots of success stories on the Net and these are something that we all use in our daily life Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many more which all became big in a very short span of time…


But all the above are well known stories and there are many more untold stories of Netpreneurs who maintain a low key profile and still making it big or using internet to make a decent living…


There are thousands and millions of individuals are directly benefited because of internet… To my knowledge following types of business are possible with low investment;


·        Offering programming & technical services for internet and other applicable requirements.

·        Offering Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing & Search Engine Solutions.

·        Webmaster services like running websites that caters to user needs.

·        Even hobbies created revenues (Eg:Famous bloggers will get paid for some posts).


Classified services can be further broken into several options and also there could be many options which I could have missed… Over all making a living out of internet is easy and also you can carve your niche and can create a USP (Unique Selling Preposition) quickly…

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