A life without computer: What does it look like??

Lived the first eighteen years of my life without access to technology. There were no internet or mobiles then, even a computer was considered a toy for wealthy.

Then slowly internet came and it quickly took over me. Also I built a career backed by Internet & Mobile.

Then at one point in life I was running through a rough patch. Then I started blogging just to keep me engaged. Over a point blogging became an habit and slowly if became an addiction.

Today I can’t even think of a life without Mobile, Internet & Blog!!!

I’ve tried many instances to stay away from gadgets and technology for one day in a month. Slowly within hours it made me restless and I give up!!

I know it is not a healthy thing and one of my 2016 goal is to practice staying away from Computers / Technology at least once a week.

I’ve planned to convert my small land measuring little more than an acre into a farmhouse and consider engaging myself into farm activities every Sunday.Will jump into execution as soon as my wife joins me.

Life After Blogs: I’m seriously considering to buy a big farm and venture into organic farming!!!


Days are running fast

Not sure where is it going to lead… Weather it is for good or bad… But time is running like anything… This is what I did for last 3 days and it flew like a jet;

  • Woke up at 11 AM…
  • Went to GYM & Came home by 1 PM…
  • Went to office for couple of meetings & retuned by 9 PM….
  • Some mentoring work with startups in Coffee Day which goes till 11.30 PM…
  • Talk to Cogzidel Technologies folks (Major & Bala) atleast for 30 min each (tentatively will finish the call by 1.30 AM)…
  • Then  reading, replying sending emails for 30 min…
  • Then reading Tech Crunch, Life Hacker for another 30 min…
  • Read some blogs & post comments which till take another 30 min…
  • Write my blog which is another 15 min…

Then I goto bed between 4 – 5 AM and the routine continues every day… In this tight schedule I missed talking to my sister in skype, had no time for my doggie, no time for my parents & no time to get in touch with friends…

Soon I want to create a life where I can get rid of Notebooks, BlabkBerries, Internet etc… I’m seriously considering of considering of buying some farm lands and concentrate on agriculture where in I can be attached with loved ones & nature :)…

What an experience

I can’t believe my eyes. I don’t know if I had this much discipline. Let me list down the list of events; 

  • Reached office by 11:45 PM from alumni meet to see Rooban.
  • Checked emails, had some word with Rooban and went back home.
  • Directly went to Lu along with my notebook. Only to notice there is no net connectivity.
  • Get upset with BSNL. But had some small grub, made some calls & settled by 1:30.
  • Then thought I can run on treadmill but was upset because of BSNL & was in no mood to workout.
  • Then tried to crash. Felt like mad without laptop next to me.
  • Also not blogging my experience made me even mad.
  • Felt tired & sleepy but was unable to sleep.
  • Was awake until 3:45 AM and that is when I noticed I must blog.
  • Then I woke my mom & proceeded straight to office and reached here by 4 AM. 

Only now I can realize how addictive blogging has become to me and I’ve no regrets for this habit. 

So I made couple of blog post and time to go back home and crash =;.

Carelessness Costs Dear

For last 6 – 7 years I’ve been using BSNL broadband and for last 2 years i switched to WiFi. As i spend most of my time in office my Internet usage at home is limited and same applies to my sister too.

So, frequently internet is used by my parents who use internet for accessing matrimony sites and for checking emails. Last month to our surprise we got a bill for Rs.3000/- which is more by Rs.2000. My mother was pestering me, my sister and father to check why there is a sudden raise in the bill.

We all took it lightly and to our surprise we got a bill for Rs.11000/- this month. I was torn left right and center by my mom and she is still unable to come to terms for paying such a steep bill amount.

I’m sure it must be used by some neighbours as Wi-Fi cannot reach beyond a point. It is sad to see how neighbours exploit others resources.

But i’ve to blame myself as being a techie i know the consequence of leaving access open & underestimating the knowledge levels of my neighbours.

Now i’m spending more time convincing my mom and I’ve taken up the responsibility of paying this months bill.

Internet best route for startups!!!

Internet has created lot of opportunities for creating wealth, sharing knowledge and created new type of hobbies… There are lots of success stories on the Net and these are something that we all use in our daily life Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many more which all became big in a very short span of time…


But all the above are well known stories and there are many more untold stories of Netpreneurs who maintain a low key profile and still making it big or using internet to make a decent living…


There are thousands and millions of individuals are directly benefited because of internet… To my knowledge following types of business are possible with low investment;


·        Offering programming & technical services for internet and other applicable requirements.

·        Offering Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing & Search Engine Solutions.

·        Webmaster services like running websites that caters to user needs.

·        Even hobbies created revenues (Eg:Famous bloggers will get paid for some posts).


Classified services can be further broken into several options and also there could be many options which I could have missed… Over all making a living out of internet is easy and also you can carve your niche and can create a USP (Unique Selling Preposition) quickly…