New Sales Initiative for CCS

Last couple of weeks has been aggressive in creating a Strategy for improving the Sales for CCS. So what are we doing for last couple of days? 

  • Revamping Cogzidel.In Layout & a Slight change in Design
  • Rewriting content for Cogzidel.In
  • Moving from our own framework to Joomla
  • Aggressively addling links in Directories
  • Aggressively posting press release about CCS.
  • Aggressively increasing networks in Linkedin, Twitter, PeerPower & Facebook 

All the above things are online initiatives. These are some offline initiatives; 

  • Distributing Broachers to companies is Complex’s.
  • Visiting companies directly after getting lead / link from friends.
  • Planning to buy corporate gifts and planning to meet new prospective clients, client who have given good business & client who have not turned after enquiry.
  • Planning to take telephone yellow pages and call all the companies and ask them if they have any need. 

We do all these with the help of two folks Senthil Kumar & Suresh who are in our incubation labs. They spare a quality time for CCS Sales other than working on their new startup. 

Now it is my responsibility to think more innovatively and document things that click so that it can be passed to my successor.


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