Wish you Many More happy returns of the day Mom

Today is my mother’s birthday and it is so special day in my life. So, how did we celebrate the day. I, my sister & father were awake till 12 o clock to wish her. 

We woke my mother who was sleeping and wished her on the special day. Also we didn’t cut cake as my mom is a Veggie & we didn’t want to make the occasion western. 

So we decided to go for a family lunch / dinner. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because my father & sister were help with work. 

Since I don’t want to disclose the gift we got to my mother. I’ll keep that part private. Over all it was a small 15 min occasion. 

But it was most cherishing moment to celebrate the day of someone who gave me the entry to this loveable world and been a part of my success and a supporting hand during my tough times.

I wish my loveable mother a Happy Birthday once again…


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