Highly Spoken Languages in the world

Highly Spoken Languages in the world

Today I had an argument with my friends telling English is not the largest spoken language in the world. My argument was based on assumption that China was the populous country in the world and I assumed Chinese to the largest spoken language. 

After coming home I Googled and startled to know these facts. 

  • Thought English to be second highly spoken language. But to my surprise English was 3rd highly spoken after Spanish.
  • Six Indian languages were placed in top 20 highly spoken languages list.
  • Tamil has 19th position.

So here is the list of languages and their rating.







1 Mandarin Chinese 845,000,000
2 Spanish 329,000,000
3 English 328,000,000
4 Hindi 242,000,000
5 Arabic 221,000,000
6 Bengali 181,000,000
7 Portuguese 178,000,000
8 Russian 144,000,000
9 Japanese 122,000,000
10 German 90,300,000
11 Javanese 84,600,000
12 Wu 77,200,000
13 Punjabi 78,300,000
14 French 67,800,000
15 Telugu 69,800,000
16 Vietnamese 68,600,000
17 Marathi 68,100,000
18 Korean 66,300,000
19 Tamil 65,700,000
20 Italian 61,700,000

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