It is time to stop helping friends monetarily

I know it would be rude on my part o make this post. But my frustration had gone sky high and i want to break it some how and i don’t have another choice other than to write about it here.

Till now I’ve lent money to many of my friends and that is the tune of Rs.2,00,000/-. The timing of the help was at a time when they needed it and now when I’m in need of the money and when I ask then to repay what I’ve lent their behavior upsets me.

Normally when I lend money I do it that I might not get the money back. But I in less than a month I’ve helped a friend by making a payment using my credit card. Now he has not returned the money back and I have to pay the interest for 40K which i”ve used from that card.

Another friend of mine had got money from me 2 years back promised to return it within a month. Now when I call him he keeps dragging by telling he will give it in a day or two. But i’ve not got my money back.

There are more such stories but the result is the same. So, from now i’ve decided no to help anyone monetarily.

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