Feeling Guilty & Confused….

Every human has a lot of dreams when it comes to their professional & personal life. Always we there is a problem in balancing between personal & professional life balance. As a big dreamer I’ve strongly decided to run behind my dream. Last 10 years I’ve not spent much time with my parents & sister. Though I feel guilty at times I’ve not felt that bad as I’ve spent almost 2 decades with them.

But new entering a new phase in my life where I’ve to share my life with a better half. It has been 2 weeks since I’ve attended calls or called back the special person. Also not sure if I can for next month or so.

For the first time I’m feeling guilty. When I shared this with my closed ones I was asked to balance my personal life. But people who are professionally connected to me know the responsibility I carry and the difficulty I’ve in balancing time.

I’m trying to meet very successful people who have made it big from Rags and want to know if they are really successful in balancing personal & professional life. How did they balance in their early stage when they were in their pursuit of becoming successful.


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